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Velocity Tires

Velocity Tires

Velocity Tires makes quality, low cost, bias and radial trailer tires for all types of trailers including boat, construction, utility, industrial, farm, livestock and horse trailers. Velocity has both bias ply and radial tires. The different tire construction means very different load carrying, and handling characteristics. The two types of tires should never be mixed on the same trailer, and in general, bias-ply tires should be replaced with bias-ply tires, and radial tires should ALWAYS be replaced with radial tires in accordance with the trailer manufacturer’s recommendations.

  • Velocity WR078 radial tire:  long mileage, highway towing.
  • Velocity H188 bias-ply tire: reinforced bias ply construction for heavy loads and added protection.

We have the online tire selection you need for picking exactly the right tire for your trailer. Use the convenient search tool to enter your tire size, choose between bias and radial, and pick a tire at the price to suit your budget.

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