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AMP Terrain Attack A/T Tires

AMP Terrain Attack A/T

The AMP Terrain Attack A/T tire is an aggressive all terrain tire that provides good on road driving manners, allowing you to get the traction you need for all the terrains you travel on, without sacrificing your daily on road driving comfort. The unique multi block tread pattern delivers smooth on road driving and the stepped side design on the tread blocks enhances off road traction. The outer edge, curved tread design is specifically for added traction in loose terrains, gravel and sand. The zig-zag siping on all tread block give you grip in all road conditions including wet and snow covered roads. Deep tread and wide channels allow water, mud, slush and slurry to quickly evacuate from the tire keeping consistent contact with the road surface. The varying pattern dual sidewall lugs offer improved traction in any road or weather condition, and strength and stability to the tire. The advanced tread compounds prevent chips and cuts, prolonging the life of the tire. The 3 peak mountain snowflake symbol indicates that the Terrain Attack A/T has been fully winter tested and can be used in severe weather conditions.

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