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Car & CUV Run Flat Tires

There is almost nothing worse or more frightening than getting a flat tire on the road. Run Flat tires can offer a much safer drive on the road by sealing up punctures and allowing you to drive further before your tire deflates. Run Flat tires use a special technology that allow most vehicles to drive at 50 mph for up to 50 miles before going flat. Having this kind of tire on your family vehicle can provide peace of mind knowing that you can drive to a safe area or a repair shop before you are forced off the road with a flat. Since they are an easier alternative, new cars will often times come with standard Run Flat tires, rather than a spare.

Run Flat tires are also commonly known as Zero Pressure, Run on Flat, Self-Supporting Run Flat, Self-Supporting Structure, and Extended Mobility Technology tires. These types of tires can be used on most passenger vehicles including sedans, coupes, and small crossovers. Always consult the owner’s manual to see if Run Flat tires are recommended for your vehicle.

Tires-easy carries a wide variety of Run Flat tires from many of the biggest and most trusted tire brands on the road. We also include a large range of sizes to fit most vehicles, and our tire selector tool allows you to input your vehicle make and model to filter through our selection and help you find the right one.

Our friendly and knowledgeable staff is always available to help out and answer any questions. Plus, with Tires-easy, you can rest assured that you are getting a fantastic tire at an even better price.

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