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Carlisle Tires

Carlisle Tires

An American brand with U.S. based manufacturing, Carlisle Tires have a loyal following in the US and Canada and a good reputation for building quality specialty tires.  Carlisle has been building tires for agricultural and construction use, ATVs and UTVs, go-karts, and trailers for nearly a century, Carlisle Tires focuses on quality, value, and continuous improvements to its product lines through research and development and partnerships with OE manufacturers in the U.S., Canada and Europe.

Carlisle tires are active in supporting the local communities in Tennessee where the Carlstar Group is headquartered. Carlisle is also the Official Tire of the American Bass Anglers Tour. Tour members tow equipment an average of 35,000 miles each year going from event to event, and the brand is a trusted partner for these professionals. Amateur sportsmen/Sportswomen of all types, and tradespeople using their equipment for landscaping or other commercial endeavors, can rely on this brand, day in and day out.

Trailer Tires

The manufacturer has tires for campers, boat haulers, and utility trailers alike. Most applications have a bias-ply option and a radial tire option in different tread patterns depending on the trailer. Weight of the equipment, and the type of surface/terrain to be encountered are important considerations when determining the appropriate tire. Consider matching up the tread pattern as closely as possible to the tires that came original equipment on the trailer. Here are some of the most popular Carlisle trailer tires:

  • Carlisle Radial Trail RH tire: high mileage radial tire for highway and mixed use hauling.
  • Carlisle Ultra Sport RH tire: radial trailer tire with a sporty look and profile for highway use.
  • Carlisle Sport Trail tire: value priced bias-ply tire for small utility trailers.

ATV / UTV Powersports

Carlisle Tires is the top choice for ATV tires and UTV tires when it comes to high performance and durability for sport and work machines alike.

  • Carlisle All Trail tire and Carlisle All Trail II tire have a loyal following of enthusiasts who love the outdoors and push their ATVs to the max in all types of terrain.
  • Carlisle A-C-T HD tire: a heavy duty, durable and versatile tire for sportsmen traversing mixed terrain.
  • Carlisle Mud Wolf tire: For bogging and wet terrain nothing beats the mud wolf for traction and pulling power.

These tires, and others, can be easily found on using the tire selector. Just enter your size, and select Carlisle under Brands, to see the many options for ATVs and UTVs available for immediate shipping.

Lawn, Garden and Golf - Outdoor Power Equipment

Carlisle has the largest assortment of tires for turf and landscaping equipment, including hard to find tires for wheelbarrows, hand carts, wheeled pressure washers, roto-tillers, and trenchers. For golf carts, there are dozens of tread patterns to ensure excellent performance, safety and long wear-life out of your tires. Here are some of our best sellers:

  • Carlisle Links tire: The best selling Golf-cart tire for the links, or around your community.
  • Carlisle Sawtooth tire: For barrows and carts, dozens of the small sizes you need for your miscellaneous garden equipment.
  • Carlisle Smooth tire: A turf friendly tire for mowers and other equipment.
  • Carlisle Snow Hog tire: Max traction for snow throwers and any other equipment used in snow and ice.

Agriculture, Industrial, and Construction Tires

For skid steers, the Carlisle Trac Chief tire is a popular choice because of long-lasting tread and durable casing. The Farm Specialist tire line has dozens of models for any equipment or service around the farm. All Carlisle Ag tires, industrial tires and construction tires have tread style options for your specific type of service, equipment or implement. Tires for fork lifts, small loaders, front and rear tires for tractors, and hundreds of sizes for farm implements, can be found on Tires-easy. We truly are your one-stop-shop for Carlisle tires for your operation.

Enter the tire size in the tire selector and select Carlisle Brand to see the options available. If you have any questions, please call our friendly, English/Spanish speaking, and knowledgeable customer service agents at 1-855-978-6789. They would be very happy to assist.

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