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Centennial Tires

Centennial Tires

Centennial Tires are inexpensive tires made in China, but very good quality for the low price.  The brand is owned by Greenball Tire, a reputable and established tire manufacturer and distributor in the United States. Greenball Tire markets their light truck tires exclusively under the Centennial Tire brand name, which means a high level of focus and expertise building these types of tires.  The brand has been sold  around the world for several years, with good reviews and hundreds of thousands of satisfied drivers. The tires are fully certified for all the markets where the brand is sold, including the strictest global standards for the DOT in North America and the ECE in Europe.

Centennial Light Truck Tires

Centennial tires can offer a very complete range of light truck tire styles and sizes because that is the only type of tire they make. Unlike other brands which might have one or two tread styles to fit all types of pickup trucks, Centennial tire offers 3 different styles in a wide range of sizes for different applications and types of truck, SUV or commercial van.

       Centennial Terra Commander tire: a good balance of authentic off-rock traction and toughness, with on-road manners (very quiet and comfortable ride for such an aggressive all-terrain tread). All p-metric and LT sizes are RMA mountain/snowflake symbol certified.

       Centennial Terra Trooper A/T tire: a versatile on-road all-terain tire. Less off-road traction than the Terra Commander, but with longer treadlife and more wet traction for trucks and SUVs that rarely venture off pavement.

       Centennial Dirt Commander M/T tire: a more aggressive mud tire that offers increased performance in more serious offroad conditions.

       Centennial Terra Commander M/T tire: the newest Centennial off-road tire with the most innovative tread pattern and cool look for any Jeep or lifted truck.

So no matter how you use your truck, SUV, Jeep or commercial van, there is a Centennial tire to meet your needs. Use the tire selector to find the right model of Centennial brand tire, or give us a call. Tires-Easy customer service would be happy to work with you to help you find the best tire for your vehicle and budget.

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