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Centennial Tires

Centennial Tires

Centennial Tires are inexpensive tires made in China, but very good quality for the low price. The brand is owned by Greenball Tire, a reputable and established tire manufacturer and distributor in the United States. Greenball Tire markets their light truck tires exclusively under the Centennial Tire brand name, which means a high level of focus and expertise building these types of tires. The brand has been sold around the world for several years, with good reviews and hundreds of thousands of satisfied drivers. The tires are fully certified for all the markets where the brand is sold, including the strictest global standards for the DOT in North America and the ECE in Europe.

Centennial Light Truck Tires

The Centennial Tire brand exclusively offers great quality light truck tires at an affordable price point. Centennial Tires works with experts all over the world to ensure that its quality and manufacturing processes are up to par with local standards.

The brand has long been a trusted name for light truck owners, and many customers have expressed their satisfaction with positive tire reviews. The range of tire models offer excellent grip and smooth riding on all sorts of terrain, both on and off-road. Many of manufacturer’s off-roading tires have thick tread patterns for a tough tire that can withstand whatever lies ahead. However, this tough appearance doesn’t mean that these tires can’t perform on regular driving terrain – they offer an incredibly smooth ride for highway driving and touring as well.

  • Centennial Dirt Commander MT Tires – This model is specially designed for off-roading with thick sidewalls to ensure protection and grip. The Dirt Commander is built to handle both muddy and rocky terrains.
  • Centennial Terra Trooper AT Tires – This highly durable model is made for trucks, SUVs, and ATVs for an exceptional handling experience on even the most extreme terrains, including off-road trails and gravel streets.


Apart from its affordable price, the Centennial tire line is known for durability and smooth, comfortable driving experiences on all sorts of roads. Be sure to take a look at Tires Easy’s full line of Centennial products and find one that fits your needs.

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