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Delinte Tires

Delinte Tires

Delinte Tires are engineered and produced under the leadership of a European technology team to meet the performance requirements of the most demanding drivers and vehicle manufacturers. Delinte tires have great styling and innovative tread patterns to enhance the look of any vehicle. This technology and styling puts the Delinte brand a step above other tires that are produced in China. The tire factory where Delinte tires are made has several strategic partnerships with major brands for production of private brand tires. These partnerships have allowed them to continue to improve the quality of their tires, while lowering costs. Delinte tires is starting to gain a loyal following among North American consumers that want good quality tires at a low price. Their expertise is in high performance car tires and sporty SUV and Crossover tires.

Delinte High Performance Car Tires

      Delinte DH2 tire - All-season performance touring tire

      Delinte D7 tire - All-season ultra-high performance tire designed for the serious enthusiast.

Delinte SUV, Crossover and Light Truck Tires

      Delinte DH7 tire - All-season SUV and Crossover highway tire with long mileage

     Delinte D8 tire – Sporty all-season performance tire for SUVs and Crossovers

If you are in the market for versatile, all-season performance tires for your car, SUV or Crossover, then Delinte tires has you covered with a number of different tire options at the lowest prices. Take a moment to find out just how affordable a set of Delinte Tires from Tires-Easy can be!

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