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Delta Tires

Delta Tires

Delta Tires was formed in 1959, and offers a complete range of passenger, light truck, SUV, trailer, commercial, medium truck, farm, and industrial tires. Their tires are manufactured and distributed in the United States, Middle East, Japan, Africa, Canada, Mexico, Europe, and Central and South America. Delta Tire prices are usually 10-25% less than name brand tires of the same size and type.

Delta Sierradial A/S Series

One of the most popular tires offered by Delta is the Sierradial All-season series. The tires are made for light trucks and SUVs, and an innovative zigzag rib pattern that gives them great traction. The Sierraradial A/S also features:

  • Silica-infused tread for optimum wear and all-season grip.
  • Two body plies of polyester that create a strong durable sidewall.
  • Two extra wide belts support the wide tread and improve traction as well as steering and stability.
  • Center running rib providing directional stability for great highway driving.
  • Excellent all season traction.

Delta Passenger Tires

The Delta passenger tire line offers multiple options at affordable prices for all types of driving experiences. The Delta Esteem Plus tire uses a central rib tread pattern for smooth highway driving, while the Delta Majestic is an all-season option for grip and stability. The Sentinel tire uses special grooves for wet driving conditions that creates a quieter, smoother driving experience on slippery roads.

The Delta Grand Prix Tour RS: This tire is a great all-in-one option that is suitable for passenger cars as well as larger vehicles like minivans. It utilizes high rolling efficiency to boost the car’s fuel economy, and the all-weather traction provides safe handling in all driving conditions.

Delta Pickup Truck, Jeep, SUV, and Crossover Tires

Delta Tires carries a wide variety of models for larger vehicles, all at an amazing value. The Sierradial AS is designed specifically for smooth highway driving for SUVs and trucks. According to Delta tires reviews, all-terrain models like the Chaparral M/T and Mudclaw M/T are perfect for off-roading adventures and are designed to withstand gravel, dirt, and mud without sacrificing on speed or stability.

No matter what kind of driving experience you are looking for, Tires Easy has the Delta Tire option that can fit your needs as well as your budget.

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