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Harvest King Tires

Harvest King Tires

Established in 1996, the Shandong Yongtai Chemical Group Co., Ltd. manufacturers the Harvest King brand. They are best known in North America for farm tires, however they build a large range of other diverse tire types.  The tires are all made in China, and go through a comprehensive quality assurance check before their products are released for international distribution. Harvest King tires are in more than 60 countries across the world and have gained a reputation in the U.S. and Canada for quality products at low prices.

Harvest King has long been the go-to tire brand for large scale agriculture and industrial enterprises.   Harvest King specializes in:

  • Agricultural tires

  • Skid steer tires

  • ATV and Lawn tires>

  • Industrial tires

  • Lawn & Garden tires and others....

All Harvest King tractor tires are designed to accomplish the toughest jobs without compromising on quality or efficiency. Each tractor tire offers unique features that make the brand one of the most trusted names in agriculture tire manufacturing. Specifically, each Harvest King tire is made to support even weight distribution for the heaviest of agricultural equipment to lower ground compaction underneath. This design is especially important for farming to improve soil conditions for optimal crop growth.

  • Harvest King R-Gator II tractor tire is specially designed to decrease the amount of soil disturbance while still providing the kind of strong grip and traction necessary for heavy workloads.

  • Harvest King Front Tractor tire is designed for superior steering with equal weight distribution for a smoother ride. The special 3-right rib design helps to extend the tire life and doesn’t compromise on anything.


Harvest King has a wide variety of tire sizes to fit nearly every tractor on the market. Be sure to use Tires Easy’s tire selector tool to find the right fit and make for your equipment.

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