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Kanati Tires

Kanati Tires

Established in 2010, Kanati Tires was a merger of tire building know-how, with extreme off-road racing experience to create an organization well positioned to develop the ultimate off-road tires. And that is ALL Kanati does - high performance off-road tires for Jeeps, trucks, SUV's,quads and UTVs.

Kanati Truck, SUV, and Jeep Tires

  • Kanati Mud Hog Tirei s the brand’s most aggressive and heavy-duty off-road model for multiple kinds of terrain. Its unique tread pattern provides extra strong grip through sand, mud, and dirt to handle rocky roads without a problem. It comes with reinforced steel belts and 3-ply sidewalls for extremely long-lasting tires that can take a beating both on and off-road.

  • Kanati Trail Hog Tire gives trucks, SUVs, and ATVs a smooth and quiet ride on highways, yet is still tough enough to handle off-road trails. Its optimized thick tread design provides better traction and stability in all seasons. This includes everything from cold and icy roads to hot, dry desert sand. While the price tag is lower on this model, the value is not compromised in any way. According to the reviews of this Kanati tire, it is one of the best all-terrain trail tires on the market.

Mongrel ATV & UTV Tires

Kenati offers a great line of tires for ATV and UTVs of all sizes. Each of their designs are DOT approved and provide superior traction on the most extreme road conditions ranging from loose and dry surfaces, to slick, muddy, and rocky roads. These ATV and UTV tires also feature an 8-ply design for incredible strength and durability, making it a safe but fun option for racing and other off-roading adventures.

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