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Landgolden LGT67 H/T Tires

Landgolden LGT67 H/T

Landgolden LGT67 H/T is a highway terrain all-season tire designed for SUVs and light trucks. This tire provides great on-road performance by having the interlock sipe design on its three center ribs that reduce the noise and improve stability and gripping ability. Five frequency block arrangement of computer-optimized design contribute towards reducing the road noise, while interlocking siping detail with ribbed tread design offers the gripping ability for challenging road conditions. Its zig-zag sipe design help to improve off-road performance as the design of the symmetrical grooves proved to show excellent sand ejecting performance and impressive handling. LGT67 H/T’s notch and lateral groove detail create friction while braking and help to shorten the braking distance. Its four circumferential grooves help to effectively evacuate water and slush away from the tire’s footprint, which also helps to reduce the risk of hydroplaning.

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