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Mickey Thompson Tires

Mickey Thompson Tires

Mickey Thompson tires are all high performance race inspired tires, with the look and genuine performance that off-road and street rod enthusiasts love. Mickey Thompson was an American racing legend who achieved international fame in the 1960s when he became the first American to break the 400 mph barrier, driving his Challenger 1 to a top speed of 406.6 mph at the Bonneville Salt Flats. He spent many years in dragster racing and in off-road circuits. The tires that carry his name, are all worthy of such a strong motorsports race heritage.

While most Mickey Thompson tires are purpose built for competition, there are styles of off-road tires that are practical and reliable for your everyday commute, and for weekend road trips or off-road adventures. For Muscle Cars, the Sportsman S/T comes in the most popular sizes and classic white letter styling. Every tire is backed by decades of expertise and have earned a large a loyal following for dependability, performance and great looks, both on, and off the track.

Since the brand was inspired by one of the world’s best racers, it is no surprise that its range of street tires offer superior quality and precise handling capabilities. The underlying goal of company is to support fun and safe driving for sporty vehicles at a competitive level.

  • Mickey Thompson Sportsman SR The unique flame tread pattern on this tire gives it a tough, sporty appearance perfect for muscle cars and street racing vehicles. Don’t worry, this model is a DOT approved radial tire that holds up to safety standards.

  • Mickey Thompson Sportsman ST The white letter design on this model makes it a top pick for muscle cars who want a cool, vintage looking tire that is still tough enough to handle high speeds. The ET Drag series is made specially for racing and its bias-ply front and rear design is made for high speeds and acceleration. The Slick race tires from the ET Drag series use a shallow tread pattern to lower rolling resistance for a robust tire that won’t slow you down.

  • Mickey Thompson Baja MTZ P3 The premier pick for mud tires from the Mickey Thompson line can handle a lot more than just muddy roads. These tough, ultra-wide tires work well on sand, rocks, and wet roads, too. The sidebiters are extra deep for added protection against punctures and wear while also providing better grip in soft terrain. Its T4 tread compound is highly durable and provides excellent traction that is self-cleaning for a better grip.

  • Mickey Thompson Baja ATZ P3 This tire is a hybrid mix of both mud and all-terrain tires that can handle just about any kind of road condition with ease. The extra wide footprint and thick tread block is great for traction, but also offers a smooth and comfortable ride on highways. These tough SUV and truck tires also feature durable sidewalls for damage protection along with self-cleaning tread patterns.

  • Mickey Thompson Deegan 38 All-Terrain Tires This model is among the best all-terrain Mickey Thompson truck tires on the market. It comes with the superior design and durability that you’d expect for SUVs and pickups that need both on-road and off-road traction. On the highway, these tires offer a smooth ride and great grip on slick roads, but can also withstand off-roading trails thanks to the silica-reinforced tread compound for all-weather performance driving.


Mickey Thompson tires price incredibly well for the value they deliver. Use our tire selector tool to browse our catalog of this popular brand and find a solution that fits your exact needs. Tires-Easy has the best prices with fast and easy shipping right to home or shop.

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