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Milestar Tires

Milestar Tires

Milestar Tires are a budget brand tire for passenger cars, SUVs, light trucks and even heavy duty trucks. With a good variety of style and sizes to choose from there is a Milestar tire that is right for you.

Milestar tires are some of the least expensive tires you will find, so they have a minimal amount of extras built in, but they are reliable tires for the budget minded. There are tread designs for all-season touring applications, all-season and summer performance tires, several SUV highway tires, and a good, robust all-terrain light truck tires that works well on full size commercial vans. The heavy duty truck tires are durable and long-lasting to help fleets lower their cost of operation and down-time associated with blowouts.  Here are the main styles listed by tire type:

      Economy passenger car tires - the Milestar MS775 tire is an inexpensive all-season touring tire, and the M665 is more of summer tread pattern for compact cars.  Both tires have a hard compound for long wear-life

      High performance - the Milestar MS932 tire delivers sporty handling for all types of vehicles.

      SUV and light truck highway tires - The Milestar Patagonia A/T tire and the Milestar Grantland tire are cheap all-season tires for regular highway driving

      Commercial pickup and vans -  the Milestar Steelpro MS597 tires has reinforced steel belts that protect against damage from curbing and occasional overloading common in commercial applications

      Heavy-Duty Commercial Truck tires - Milestar BS626SW tire is a long-lasting line-haul steer tire

      Radial Trailer Tires - the Steelpro AST radial trailer tire is made for a wide range of trailer applications that need extra load capacity. 

All Milestar tires, except trailer tires, come with a manufacturer's warranty, so take a moment to enter your tire size in the tire finder to see our huge selection of commercial, passenger, truck or SUV tires today!


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