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Nankang Tires

Nankang Tires

One of Taiwan’s oldest and most respected tire manufacturers, Nankang Tires was established in 1940 and sells economy priced tires worldwide in over 50 countries. They produce a wide variety of tires including passenger car tires, SUV tires, truck tires, and commercial van tires. Over the years, Nankang has consistently focused on doing R&D to build innovative products as cost effectively as possible. Today, Nankang is part of the Tireco group of brands, a well known American private brand tire importer and distributor.

Nankang Car Tires:

Nankang tires concentrate on building reliable tires for the budget minded consumer.  While you may not find some of the advanced features of more expensive tires, you can rely on Nankang tires for a reliable day to day driving experience. Tread designs for cars include all-season touring applications, and several sporty all-season and summer performance tires.

      Nankang AS1 tire - all-season tire for best economy, comfortable ride and long mileage on compact cars and sedans

      Nankang NS20 tire  - high performance handling and grip for sporty sedans and coupes

Nankang CUV tires, SUV tires, and Truck Tires:

Tires for CUVs, SUVs, Jeeps, pickup trucks and commercial vans have to be multi-purpose and versatile. Extra durability is needed for these larger vehicles and heavier load carrying capabilities.  Nankang uses high quality materials, modern production equipment and designs so their light truck tires are up for the challenge of any daily commuter, off-roader or commercial service application.

     Nankang SP-7 tire - a good all-season tire for good handling, a comfortable ride and long mileage on sporty CUVs

     Nankang Radial M/T N889 tire - aggressive deep lug traction for recreational off-roading and commercial job sites. Tire can also take snow studs for added grip on ice and snow

     Nankang Conquerer A/T tire - all-terrain traction in a wide range of p-metric and heavy duty LT sizes

Nankang Trailer Tires, Agriculture tires and more....

Nankang has a high share of the "specialty tire" market because they build reliable products at very low cost. The N699 Bias-ply Low Profile tire is a very robust tire that can handle the heavy loads of low profile trailers. Like the trailer tires, the N410 Ag-Lug is a strong rear tire for Farm Tractors, with a classic herring-bone tread pattern.  There is also a general purpose Fork-lift tire. Like the rest of the product range, the trailer, Agricultural and Industrial tires from Nankang are very competitively priced.

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