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Ohtsu Tires

Ohtsu Tires

Ohtsu Tires is an associate brand of Falken Tire. It is a Japanese brand that has been manufacturing and supplying tires to drivers all over the world for more than 30 years. All Ohtsu tires are economically priced but with good quality. We carry the four main lines for passenger vehicles:

●      ST5000: all-season touring tire

●      FP7000: high performance all-season tire

●      FP8000: high mileage summer touring tire for coupes and sedans

●      AT4000: a robust all-terrain / highway tire for SUVs, pickups and Jeeps

Some of the most popular Ohstu tires are:

  • Ohstu FP 7000 Tires The symmetrical, non-directional tread pattern makes this model a top pick for an all-season performance tire. This tire protects against hydroplaning and slipping on wet roads with expertly designed tread patterns for water evacuation. It is also made with high-tension construction, dual steel belts, and belt cap ply for better handling and durability.

  • Ohtsu FP 8000 Tires Ohtsu’s passenger touring tire delivers a smooth and quiet ride thanks to the phase-shift noise reducing design. It also uses 3-D rounded tread blocks and a dual tread compound for optimal handling and stability for a safe drive.

  • Ohtsu AT 4000 Tires This all-terrain model is one of Ohtsu’s most popular SUV and light truck tires. The aggressive tread block pattern provides better traction on off-road trails, while the dynamic wave grooves support random pitch variation for a quiet highway ride. The tough sidewall rubber protects the tire from damage for a durable design in all weather conditions.

Ohtsu offers a widely diverse line of tires for all sorts of vehicles and driving experiences. Each passenger vehicle tire is made for smooth, quiet rides and safe traction in extreme weather. The brand’s off-road tires are highly durable and robust for rocky or muddy trails. The Ohtsu ATV tire line is also a popular pick among off-road enthusiasts because of its heavy-duty design for a safe but fun riding adventure.

No matter what kind of tire you’re looking for, you are sure to find just what you need from Ohtsu here at Tires Easy. We also include Ohtsu tires reviews on every product page to help you find the make and model that best fits your vehicle’s needs.

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