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Patriot Tires

Buy Patriot Tires - Highway and Mud Terrain Tires for Truck, SUV and Passenger Cars - Tires-Easy

Patriot Tires were introduced in 2017 by Omni-United, a tire manufacturer that tries to keep every facet of their business in the USA (design, testing, marketing, customer service, legal, quality assurance, distribution, and sales), however the Patriot brand tires are actually manufactured in an American owned factory in Taiwan. They only use rubber from Malaysia and Thailand in the Patriot brand tires, and according to Omni-United, there is no Chinese influence on the Patriot brand products.

The quality and safety standards of these tires easily match up with those of American-made, only at a far lower price.

The Patriot RB-1 tire is a fantastic summer option meant for small to mid sized passenger cars. At an affordable price, this tire line offers extra long tread life and a safe ride on both wet and dry roads. The RB-1 is a perfect mix of reliability and affordability.

The Patriot H/T is designed for light trucks/SUVs and offers excellent all-season capability. The symmetric rib design and block arrangement reduces noise while increasing fuel economy. For drivers who need a good combination of grip, high mileage, and load carrying capability, the H/T line is the way to go.  


Patriot tires reviews show that these products are long-lasting and provide a smooth, comfortable ride even on the toughest trails. The passenger, SUV, and LT tires deliver a great driving experience with superior handling and traction for everyday highway driving. Patriot truck tires are sturdy and durable for heavy towing, while the Patriot mud tires and all-terrain models are strong enough for extreme off-roading and tough weather conditions. Every single Patriot tire comes with a 2-year manufacturer’s warranty to provide peace of mind that your needs will be met. Be sure to check out Tires-Easy’s vast selection of sizes and models to find the right tire for your vehicle.

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