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Starfire Tires

Starfire Tires

Starfire tires have been manufactured as an associate brand of Cooper Tire in the United States for several decades. They have a good reputation for decent wear life and performance considering the price point. Starfire takes pride in the fact that they manufacture, and test in the US. This helps ensure that the tires are optimized for North American road conditions and vehicle types. Extensive product testing is conducted at test facilities near San Antonio, Texas throughout the year.

Starfire has an all-season and summer performance tire, a long-wearing touring tire for sedans, minivans and economy passenger cars, as well as on highway, and all-terrain light truck and SUV tires.  Every style of Starfire tires is competitively priced, with never any skimping on safety or quality.

The brand offers a great line of products for all kinds of vehicle sizes and performances. From all-season to summer driving, to long-lasting highway tires to off-roading and all-terrain types, Starfire has the tire you’re looking for. The tire prices are incredibly reasonable - as their brand has always been committed to keeping costs as low as possible without compromising on quality or safety.

  • Starfire RS-R 2.0 is Starfire’s best-selling tire model for high-performance vehicles. This tire offers superior steering response and handling with its wide central rib design. Its unique tread patterns also support a smoother, quieter ride on highways while offering great grip on slick wet roads. The tire grooves are designed to expel excess water on wet and slushy roads to prevent slipping for a safe ride year-round. This tire also comes with a top-ranking UTQG (Uniform Tire Quality Grade) rating of 300 for tread ware and an A rating for traction and temperature control, which makes it one of the more premium performance tires offered by Starfire.

  • Starfire RS-C 2.0 offers the same top-notch quality and is designed for all-season driving. The solid shoulder design provides durability and stability, even for tight cornering and high-speed driving. Its four wide straight grooves expel water for better grip and even tread wear, along with a vibration-absorbent rib for minimal noise and a quiet ride.

The tire brand offers many other fantastic tire options for other vehicle sizes and driving experiences. Take a look at the Starfire tire reviews on Tires-easy and feel free to reach out to our experienced staff to find the best affordable option for your vehicle.

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