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Uniroyal Tires

Uniroyal Tires

Founded in 1892, the Uniroyal Tire company is one of the oldest tire manufacturers in existence. Formerly known as the United States Rubber Company, Uniroyal quickly established itself as a high-quality and extraordinarily innovative American brand. The rubber manufacturing company was one of the original 12 stocks used in the Dow Jones Industrial Average. It was also responsible for making the rubber soles for boots used by American soldiers in WWI. Eventually, the brand became more focused on creating quality passenger tires for American drivers. The reputation and excellent tire reviews caught the attention of Michelin, which acquired the brand in 1985.

  • Uniroyal Tiger Paw Touring Tires: This line of passenger vehicle tires is built for all-season driving in multiple weather conditions. The Tiger Paw Touring tires fit most sedans and coupes, as well as larger vehicles including minivans, light trucks, and SUVs. While not great on ice, this line offers fantastic traction on both dry and rainy days.  

While the corporate structure and ownership has changed over the years, the Uniroyal Brand has remained one of the most trusted tire brands in America. One of Uniroyal’s best know tires is the Tiger Paw introduced in the 1960s and included as original equipment on many of that decade’s Muscle Cars like the legendary Pontiac GTO. Today, Tiger Paw products are still being installed on hundreds of thousands of American and Canadian vehicles each year, and can be relied on for long wear life, safe handling and traction at mid-tier value pricing. Here are some of the features and benefits you will find in the different categories of tires:

Uniroyal Tiger Paw passenger car and minivan tires

Built for all season performance and with unmatched dependability in mind these tires are sure to get you where you need to go any time, no matter the conditions. Whether you're commuting to work, driving the kids to school, or packing your bags for a weekend road trip, you can count on Tiger Paws to get you there. Tiger Paws feature:

  • Deep tread grooves for greater traction in snow, slush and rain

  • Directional tread patterns to disperse water and maintain better road grip

  • DuraShield® construction technology ensures longer tread-life>

  • Reinforced sidewalls for durability

  • Optimized shoulder design for enhanced control and better stability

Uniroyal All-Terrain truck tires

Uniroyal All-Terrain Tires perform as well off-road as they do on pavement. Due to their tread patterns optimized to promote self-cleaning, ensure great traction and stand up to daily abuse on pavement, you can be sure you’re riding on some of the most reliable all-terrain tires around. Whether you’re taking off for a weekend in the mountains or just running around town doing errands, you know you can rely on Uniroyal. All Uniroyal Light Truck and All-Terrain tires have:

  • Aggressive tread designs to provide greater traction in snow, mud and rain

  • DuraShield ® construction for a longer tire-life

  • Optimized tread patterns to reduce irregular wear and long mileage

  • Self cleaning design to kick out mud and dirt from the tread for better traction

Uniroyal SUV and Crossover tires

Uniroyal SUV and Crossover tires provide workhorse performance at unbeatable prices. These tires feature tread patterns designed for all-weather traction and are constructed with high quality materials for a long life of getting you and your precious cargo where you need to go:

  • Unmatched traction in rain, slush and snow

  • High quality rubber, steel, and fabric components

  • Excellent handling and stability

  • Long lasting tread-life

Some tires have directional tread patterns to help disperse water to prevent hydroplaning and promote greater grip in wet conditions. Many of the Uniroyal tires feature advanced tread rubbers that reduce rolling resistance to give you a more efficient tire for better fuel economy.

With a full range of products, and long heritage of tire experience, Uniroyal provides high quality tires to suit every need. Whether you’re looking for a tire to get you to work and back home safely and reliably, a tire you can count on in rough off-road situations, or for your business, you can find what you need at Tires-easy!

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