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Vogue Tires

Vogue Tires

Established in 1918 in Chicago, Illinois, Vogue has been making tires for over 100 years. Their creation of the wide whitewall tire placed them on the map for the tire industry in the first part of the century, and their business has only been growing ever since. Starting n 1935, Vogue Tires began was produced by Kelly-Springfield tires, which has since been purchased by the Goodyear Tire and Rubber Company. To this day, Vogue Tires and Goodyear still work together on different manufacturing and product development projects.

Vogue has become the tire of choice for very high-end and high profile vehicles, including being fitted on the vehicles of professional athletes, rappers and other celebrities. While the brand has plenty of styles for regular cars and trucks at accessible prices, the brand is best known for very flashy tread and sidewall styling, premium quality, and ultra high-performance tires, at premium prices.

As you would expect from a premium image brand, Vogue tires have to deliver authentic performance. Their luxury touring tires have VogueTech Comfort Ride technology, for a whisper quiet ride for the most discerning drivers and passengers.  Vogue also makes the industries only white and gold sidewall tire. Here are a few examples of Vogue’s innovative passenger car, SUV and light truck tires.

The Vogue Signature V tire offers ultra-high performance handling along with all-season performance and their exclusive Whisper Tuning technology for a quiet ride. One of Vogue’s most popular tires, the Signature V also features:

      Polyester sidewall plies for structural integrity and increased control while cornering

      Two steel belts for added safety

      Nylon overlay for integrity at higher speeds.

      Asymmetrical tread design for increased wet, and dry road grip

      VogueTech Comfort Ride technology for a comfortable ride

With a stylish appearance and bold performance, the Custom Built Radial VIII is one of the most innovative tires in the market. The tire has an extremely recognizable white and gold sidewall, with all-season traction and great handling on wet and dry roads, these tires are unparalleled in safety. Also, the Custom Built Radial VIII is made out of the best materials on the market, allowing the tire to have a long tread life and making the right combination of style, performance and safety. This Vogue tire is also available in many different sizes and at a great price.

So if you are looking for some BLING and a well recognized brand, to go along with excellent product quality and performance, consider Vogue Tires from Tires-Easy.

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