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Vredestein Tires

Vredestein Tires

Vredestein Tires, part of Apollo Tyres Ltd. and based in the Netherlands since 1909, are mostly known in Europe for their premium ultra-high performance and winter tires. Most of their tires are produced in Enschede, which is also the location of the companies research and development department. R&D, is a very important part of Vredestein’s strategy to be the most modern, cutting edge tire manufacturer in the world. They have another manufacturing facility in Russia.

In keeping with maintaining a modern edge, all Vredestein’s passenger vehicle tires are designed, and marketed with great style. Vredestein’s products all have a certain European flair, which discerning vehicle owners love. But the brand is much more than just good looking tread patterns and flashy sidewall designs. Their R&D efforts around product development, partnerships with various European vehicle manufacturers, and stringent quality standards, means their tires provide a high level of ride refinement, and performance handling across their various product styles.

Winter Tires

Vredestein is particularly well known for good quality Winter Tires. One of our best selling winter tire lines is the Vredestein SnowTrac 5 tire. This tire has a deep chevron shaped, directional tread design which helps evacuate water and slush from the tread.   The Vredestein Winter Xtreme S tire  is another winter tire, with the same great wet, slush, ice and snow traction capabilities but in H-rated and V-rated winter tire sizes. All Vredestein Winter tires stand up to the harshest of weather conditions and the coldest temperatures. Here are a few examples of these features found in the Vredestein Wintrac series:

      Tread compounds with non-directional tread designs for better grip and stability in very cold temperatures

      Wide range of speed indexes to match the summer or all-season tires that came original equipment on the vehicle.

      State-of-the-art sipe technology for better traction and shorter braking distance in deep snow or on ice.

All-Season Tires

In addition to winter or snow tires, Vredestein has a full range of all-season car tires, minivan tires, SUV tires and truck tires. The Vredestein Comtrac All-Season tire is a SUV and truck tire line that has a robust belt construction for handling heavier loads and tread patterns that provide long tread-wear, water dispersal and reduced noise for a safe and comfortable ride. For passenger cars there is the Vredestein Quatrac 5 tire and the Vredestein Ultrac Cento tire. Both tire styles come in a large range of sizes for U.S. Domestic makes like Ford and GM, as well as European and Asian vehicle brands.

It is hard to go wrong with these elegant, yet highly functional tires from Vredestein. Check out Tires-Easy for our selection of premium Vredestein tires for sale now.

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