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Yokohama Tires

Yokohama Tires

Since 1917, the Yokohama Tire Company has been manufacturing top-quality products and has built a reputation as a trusted brand all over the world. Located in Japan, they are considered a leading brand in tire manufacturing and their products are sold all over the globe. The brand’s tires can be used on all sorts of vehicles, including luxury cars, racing/motorsport vehicles, as well as the everyday commuting vehicle.

The brand is committed to pushing for constant innovation to make sure that their tires are of the highest quality. Some of the most amazing and unique technologically advanced features from Yokohama include:

  • Long-lasting tread profiles that are optimized for a lower rolling resistance, higher fuel economy, and better tread life.

  • Pitch tread pattern technology that diminishes sound waves for a quieter ride.

  • Highly durable tread rubber formula for longer wear.

Since the brand is often used for motorsports, the everyday driver can benefit from the advanced technology that has been developed to create such quality racing tires. Yokohama A/T and M/T tires use the same technology and design as the off-road racing tires, making them a popular choice for Jeeps and trucks. The brand’s all-terrain and mud tires are strong, tough, durable, and offer superior traction that is ready to handle the toughest roads that lie ahead. Yokohama truck tires are also regarded for their durable structure and excellent handling capabilities.

For passenger vehicles, the brand offers a wide variety of tires for all-season, summer, and winter/snow driving.

  • Yokohama ADVAN Sports A/S This all-season model guarantees a long-lasting tread pattern, along with superior handling and safety for a high-performance passenger vehicle.

  • Yokohama AVID Touring Is one of Yokohama’s best-selling models, the AVID line offers both all-season and summer touring tires for a great driving experience on all sorts of roads.

  • AVID Touring-S is the summer model designed for the ultimate performance. This tire has a shallower tread for higher road rubber contact that creates superior grip for excellent handling.

  • Yokohama AVID Ascend is the brand’s all-season model which features a revolutionary Orange Oil compound to increase traction and improve fuel efficiency. Each tire option offers a great grip on both wet or dry trails and comes with additional biting edges for grip on snow/ice.

  • Yokohama AVID Envigor This tire option comes in 78 sizes to fit nearly every make and model of passenger vehicle on the road today. The high-performing tire is made for superior handling and traction, better fuel efficiency, and long-lasting tread for an all-around great value.

  • Yokohama IceGuard IC52C This is the premier winter tire offered by Yokohama. The IceGuard is optimized for winter driving with designated features for safety and stability. The tread patterns provide excellent traction in slush, ice, and snow. The rubber material has the ability to stay soft even in cold temperatures.

  • Yokohama ADVAN Sport A/S If you are looking for a great driving experience in all kinds of weather year-round, the ADVAN Sport A/S is an excellent choice. This tire features stiff sidewalls for sporty handling along with optimized tread patterns designed to provide traction on wet and dry roads, as well as light snow.

Yokohama’s tires are trusted by racing enthusiasts and everyday commuters alike - thanks to their superior and trustworthy products.

Yokohama tires prices are competitive and reasonable, and you can rest assured that you will find the best deal with Tires-easy. We offer a wide range of tire sizes and options and we even include Yokohama tire reviews to help you make your decision with confidence.

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