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Run Flat Tires

Run Flat tires are designed to allow you to continue to drive your car in the event of puncture and/or a loss of air pressure. This technology allows you to continue to drive your car, at reduced speeds, typically under 50 mph for up to approximately 50 miles, depending on the manufacturer specifications for the run flat tire on your vehicle. Cars that are purchased new with run flat tires typically do not have a spare tire because the run flat is your spare, designed to get you home, or the nearest tire repair location. Run flat tires can also be referred to as zero pressure, run on flat, self-supporting run flat, self-supporting structure, and extended mobility technology tires. Run flat tires can be utilized on cars, and small crossovers. You should consult your vehicle owner's manual when considering replacing your current run flat tires with non-run flat tires.

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