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BKT Tires

BKT Tires

Balkrishna Industries Limited (BKT), was founded in 1987 and is headquartered in Mumbai, India. Since day one, the brand has been heavily focused on producing the highest grade tires for agriculture, construction, and industrial vehicles. Additionally, the manufacturer produces tires for earthmoving, port and mining, ATVs, and gardening applications. In the off-road tire industry, BTK has an estimated 6% market share with global sales near $1 billion USD. BKT has three North American subsidiaries that provide market and product development feedback. These offices are located in Akron, Ohio; Toronto, Canada; and Brentwood, Tennessee. The BKT products are produced at five state-of the-art sites in Aurangabad, Bhiwadi, Chopanki, Dombivali and Bhuj, India. These sites employ more than 7,000 people, collectively. This tire brand serves the Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEM) and replacement tire market with more than 2,300 products in the three following categories:

Agricultural Tires

When it comes to farming, BKT has a tire for just about any type of machinery and application imaginable. The diverse set of product styles and gigantic selection of sizes built for specific performance features make it easy to get exactly what you need when you buy BKT tires online. Whether you need BKT tractor tires or any other tires for heavy machinery, the brand’s farming and agricultural implement tires are always available at an affordable price at the same quality as other premium brands.

Industrial Tires

BKT is among the top choices for industrial equipment such as fork lifts, small loaders, back-hoe tires (front and back), etc. This is due to the outstanding quality and diverse range of sizes offered. BKT fully understands how quickly industrial machinery evolves and makes it a point to remain at the forefront of innovation. This allows the brand to constantly bring new and improved solutions to the market for better outcomes across the board. To give you an idea, BKT adds an average of 60-80 new tire designs every year to their already extensive catalog!

Off-the-Road Earthmover and Mining Tires

With a strong background in creating highly durable tires for farming and industrial work, this manufacturer knows what it takes to create good tires for extreme conditions. BKT has collected years of data about product performance in mine and earthmoving operations, and has a cohesive team of dedicated field engineers to help ensure that customers get the most out of their BKT tires, regardless of their needs. Outside of these fields, the BKT ATV tires and monster truck tires are among the best in the industry. BKT is made up of shipping and logistical experts who are highly experienced in getting products to remote sites across North America. Please call 1-855-978-6789, Monday - Friday from 5am - 5pm PST to arrange a shipment!

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