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BKT Tires

BKT Tires

Since its founding in 1987, BKT has focused on producing tires for agricultural, construction and industrial vehicles as well as earthmoving, port and mining, ATV, and gardening applications. They have an estimated 6% market share of the Off-the-road tire market, with global sales of close to a billion USD. The full name of the company is Balkrishna Industries Limited (BKT), and they are headquartered in Mumbai, India. In North America there are three subsidiaries providing market and product development feedback to the head office: BKT Tires USA Inc. in Akron, Ohio, BKT Tires Canada Inc. in Toronto, and BKT Tires, Inc. in Brentwood, Tennessee. BKT products are produced in five state-of-the-art production sites in Aurangabad, Bhiwadi, Chopanki, Dombivali and Bhuj, India, and they employee more than 7,000 people.  BKT serves both the Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEM) and replacement tire market with over 2,300 products in the following categories:

Agricultural Tires

BKT has a tire for any type of machinery and application on farms of all sizes.  Their diverse product styles have a huge selection of sizes with specific performance features to facilitate the intended work of the application. BKT Agricultural and farm implement tires are always at an affordable price versus other premium brands. 

Industrial Tires

BKT is a top choice for fork lifts, small loaders, and  front and rear Back-hoe tires because of the quality and the hundreds of sizes offered. BKT is constantly innovating and bringing new sizes and better solutions to the market.  In fact, they average 60-80 new BKT tires every year, adding to their already extensive line-up.

Off-the-Road Earthmover and Mining Tires

BKT are experts in tires for extreme conditions and really big equipment.   BKT has years of data about product performance in huge mine and earthmoving operations, as well as a team of dedicated field engineers to help users get the most out of  the BKT tires in their specific operating conditions.  This feedback means continuous improvement  in product performance, for lower/cost per hour, and less down time.

Regardless of the size and type of machinery, or the application, you can easily find the right tire at the lowest price, right here on Tires-Easy. We are experts at arranging shipping and logistics to remote sites across North America, so please call us at 1-855-978-6789 from 5am - 5pm PST, Monday to Friday. We can provide very competitive prices, and arrange your tires to be sent wherever, and whenever you need them.

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