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Radial Trailer Tires

Radial trailer tires are designed with lateral stability to reduce trailer sway, support heavy loads, run cooler, and have longer tread wear. Composed of rubber-coated steel cables running at a 90 degree angle from the direction of travel, more steel belts at the crown of the tire than a bias ply tire, radial trailer tires are better suited for carrying heavy loads, and especially over long distances. Radial trailer tires stay cooler for the long hauls and have less rolling resistance, which make them more fuel-efficient. Radial trailer tires also have a much longer tread wear expectation than a bias ply tire. Radial trailer tires resist flat spots better than a bias ply trailer tire, from being parked for periods of time.

We always recommend you purchase a trailer tire, rather than a passenger tire for your trailer. Passenger tires are designed to grip the road and provide traction, while trailer tires are designed to roll easily and only grip when slowing down, stopping and braking. The stiffer construction of a trailer tire is far superior to a passenger tire to handle heavy loads and reduce sway. You should consult your owner’s manual for the manufacturer’s suggested tire when shopping for replacement tires for your trailer.

We offer a wide range of tires for any of your trailer needs: boat, travel, utility, construction, cargo or horse and livestock trailers. We have name brand trailer tires as well as a range of quality off brand names to choose from. Use our convenient search to filter by tire size, and we will provide you with choices to meet your quality, budget, load capacity and speed rating. If you have questions, or need help finding a tire, contact us! We have a knowledgeable staff that is happy to help you with all of your tire needs!

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