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Double Coin Tires

Double Coin Tires

Double Coin tires are manufactured in China, with extensive distribution in North America. Their main area of expertise since inception is Commercial Truck Tires, Off-the-road tires, and Agricultural Tires. Their large volume and global sales means they can manufacture very economically, and deliver good value to North American Fleets, independent Owner-Operators or large scale mines and commercial operations alike. Their products are reliable and can be trusted hour after hour, mile after mile. For any heavy duty commercial applications, Double Coin likely has the experience building the tire you need.

Truck Tires

The brand offers a wide variety of truck tires that are reasonably priced for owners and operators who manage truck fleets of all sizes. All of Double Coin’s truck tires come with Optigreen technology, which lowers the rolling resistance for a higher fuel economy. According to reviews of Double Coin Tires, this brand offers the best cost per mile of any truck tire in America. Many drivers prefer to use a specific tire combination for maximum efficiency on highway rigs. Double Coin accommodates this with a robust selection of freight and commercial trucking tires. The Double Coin FR505 performs best on the steer axle; the FD405 is designed for the drive axle, and the FT105 on the back trailers for maximum support and towing capacity.

The Double Coin RT600: An entry-level priced tire that offers premium steering and high durability for low profile commercial trucks. Additionally, the all-position Double Coin RLB400 Tire and Double Coin RLB490 Tire are extremely durable options for multiple driving positions at a reasonable price point.

Off-the-Road Tires (OTR)

The REM series is designed specifically for off-road service and construction vehicles such as loaders, dump trucks, and graders. To provide durability, strength, and grip on all sorts of terrain, Double Coin’s OTR models have nine unique tread patterns. Each tire also features a specific rubber compound and casing construction to improve the operational efficiency of the tire.

Agriculture and Industrial Tires

The brand’s industrial tires are super heavy-duty with thick treads and side-walls for the ultimate towing capacity and strength. No matter what kind of construction, mining, or industrial vehicle your business owns, this manufacturer likely carries a tire option that will provide the strength and durability you need at a reasonable price.

Using Tires-Easy’s Tire Selector Tool, you can explore the vast selection of Double Coin options to find the fit and size that fulfills your needs.

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