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Federal Tires

Federal Tires

Federal Tires has been supplying tires for the global market since 1954.  They build their own brand tires, as well as contract production for Bridgestone and Dunlop Tires. These strategic partnerships have allowed them to continue to improve the quality of their tires, while lowering costs. They have also profited from experience in motorsports via various sponsorships of drift, street and circuit racing.  What they have learned in competition has been applied to their various high performance tire lines, which have gained a large and loyal following among enthusiasts across North America.The tire brand builds a very nice range of the following types of discount priced tires:

Federal Ultra High Performance and High Performance Tires

  • Federal 595 Evo tire - ultra high performance tires designed for the serious enthusiast. Developed with special compounds formulated for wet and dry conditions
  • Federal Formoza AZ-01- tire a versatile, economy priced all-season high performance tire.


Federal Passenger Car Tires

  • Federal SS-657- tire long mileage, great value and traction for commuting or touring cars.


Federal Light Truck Tires, SUV Tires and CUV Tires 

  • Couragia A/T tire - an on/off-road tire for versatility of usage on trucks and SUVs or all types

  • Couragia M/T tire - good looking, aggressive tread and authentic off-road traction in mud, rock, sand and even snow.


Federal Commercial Tires


The Federal SS-595 Tire - is a well-priced passenger vehicle option for all kinds of driving conditions. Its high wear resistance and durable design also make it a popular choice among drift racers and everyday drivers alike. The unique tread pattern offers maximum grip for great acceleration, turning, and braking for all-season driving.

The brand offers a great line of tires for trucks, SUVs, and crossovers with special tire sizes to fit most models.

The Federal Couragia M/T- is a tough mud tire that can withstand treacherous terrain and heavy loading hauls. This Federal M/T tires model features the brand’s most recent technology in tread design called SRG, which stands for Sloped Radius Gradient. This aligns and angles the tread to extend the tire’s life while improving the traction for a smoother ride. Furthermore, the extra belts ensure a tough sidewall that can withstand cuts and abrasions for off-road driving.

There’s no question that the Federal Tire brand is regarded as one of the best and most durable options on the market. According to the Federal Tires reviews on Tires-Easy, the low cost does not mean that quality is compromised. Whether you need high performance sport tires, all-terrain capability, or an all-season highway tire for your truck, SUV, or even commercial vehicle, Federal has the solution that will fit your driving needs.

Take a look at Tires-Easy’s vast selection of Federal sizes and options. We’re confident you will find the ideal tire to match your budget!  

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