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Firestone FR710 Tires



Firestone FR710
Firestone Firestone Tires
Firestone Tires

The Firestone FR710 tire is an excellent balance of all-season traction, long tread life, a quiet comfortable ride and during spirited driving, lots of control and good handling. These benefits are due to:

  • Wide flow-through grooves and deep shoulder slots that promote wet and dry traction. Continuous shoulder ribs for good handling in cornering and longer tread life.
  • A wide footprint on the road to distribute the weight of the vehicle evenly over a larger contract patch area.
  • Firestone's Long Link Carbon that extends the tire’s life and makes the tire resistant to damage from sidewall impacts.
  • Firestone Tires' patented O-bead construction to help the tire maintain its shape when cornering thus providing used a comfortable, and stable driving experience.

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