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Gladiator Tires

Gladiator Tires

The Gladiator Tire company offers a wide array of models, from truck tires to all-terrain tires to even the most unique offerings for commercial and industrial vehicles.

The Gladiator Truck/SUV Tire lines are built to handle the toughest jobs and driving applications. The strong sidewall design and excellent tread life offers great control - regardless of the need. Every Gladiator truck/SUV model is constructed with noise reduction qualities for a smooth, quiet ride on any road.

Gladiator Turf Tire is designed specifically for riding lawn mowers, and its wide tread shape offers superior traction without damaging lush lawn grass, making it a great choice for landscaping companies and homeowners alike.

Gladiator Trailer Tires are built with advanced tread designs meant to decrease rolling resistance while boosting fuel economy. The steer belted construction works to increase both strength and stability so you can tow your trailer without any stress.

Gladiator also offers some great options for Class A truck tires, and has sizes in the 19.5, 22.5, and 24.5-inch range for standard and low-profile driving. In addition, these commercial tires also come with great features including:

  • Durability for heavy hauling.

  • Extra ply design and reinforced internal structures to withstand heavy vehicles and high GVWR (Gross Vehicle Weight Range).

  • Specially formatted tread compounds that withstand wear and tear for a long-lasting design that won’t lose traction.

  • All-terrain truck tires with multiple tread design options that are optimized for different conditions like highway driving, off-roading, and even extreme mud.

  • Reinforced trailer tires that are long-lasting and durable.

Tires-Easy is proud to be a Gladiator Tire dealer and offers a wide variety of great value tires at reasonable prices. Check out our vast selection and find the perfect fit for your vehicle’s needs!


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