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Ironhead Tires

Ironhead represents one of the most technically advanced medium radial truck tire programs in the market today. Ironhead Tire’s international engineering team, including its head of engineering, has extensive experience obtained from its involvement in the design of tires for major rubber companies around the world. Ironhead Truck Tires produced at one of the most exceptional production facilities in the world, resulting in a finished quality that rivals that of the industry’s largest manufacturers. Ironhead has a unique product naming convention consisting of three letters, each with its meaning, and a three-digit, followed by FS - Smartly Verified (Fuel Savings, if applicable). The first letter is always I, which stands for Ironhead. Second is either F = Front/Steer, D = Drive, T = Trailer, or A = All Position. Third letter is either L = Line Haul, R = Regional, or M = Mixed Service.

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