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Lexani Tires

Lexani Tires

For more than a decade, Lexani has been internationally recognized as a leader in wheels, luxury automotive accessories, and executive vehicle conversions, and now they have extended the brand to tires. Like all the products carrying the Lexani brand name, attention to detail, styling, and high quality are paramount. For the company, the expansion from wheels, automobiles and accessories to tires was a natural one. All the tires are designed by tire industry experts in their California, USA headquarters.

The intention behind the launch of Lexani Tires was to carry the prestige of the Lexani brand to the tire market with unparalleled design, innovation, and quality. Since its inception in 2015, the tire division has exceeded every expectation, providing high end tires for professional athletes, Hollywood elite, Heads of State and drivers of every type around the world.

No matter what vehicle you own, whether a high performance exotic, luxury sedan, SUV, or sports coupe, Lexani Tires will have you covered with its high performance tire lineup. Each tire is designed to be the most effective combination of style, quality, and luxury. Lexani Performance Tires feature technologically and advanced tread patterns for ultra-high performance capability.

Ultra High Performance Tires:

All Lexani high performance tires feature exceptional optimization of dry handling and braking. The Lexani LX-Thirty tires are the flagship performance tire style and a perfect choice for those who want to get superb wet weather grip with performance looks.The Lexani LX-Twenty boasts excellent dry handling characteristics due to its Asymmetrical tread and high performance tread rubber compound. With the Lexani LX-Nine, the extremely solid and wide tire shoulder ensures the highest level of sport handling and cornering stability. The Lexani LX-Seven is guaranteed to satisfy driving enthusiasts who want the optimal in balanced dry and wet sport handling capabilities of their vehicle.

Passenger Car Tires, Minivan tires and tires for SUVs:

Lexani has a full range of tires for daily driver economy vehicles. The Lexani LXM-101 tire is a true all-season tire specifically manufactured for low cost while still providing styling and safety. In addition, the Lexani LXM-101 has a casing construction for excellent shock absorption for increased driving comfort. Other passenger car tires available on Tires-Easy include the Lexani LXUHP-107 for coupes and sedans. This tire not only looks great but performs fantastic in all weather conditions. The highly advanced performance engineering also delivers a long lasting tread compound while still generating extremely low noise levels.

Lexani Light Truck Tires

Since the Lexani brand is known for offering superior durability and performance in their tires, it should be no surprise that their light truck models are a top choice for drivers.

One of the most popular off-roading truck models is the Lexani Mud Beast MT Tire. Its serious tread pattern can handle even the toughest off-road trails and drive through rocky terrain, mud, loose soil, and sand. It is also heavily reinforced on the sidewall and crown for flat resistance and protection against damage on both highway roads and tough trails. Of all the Lexani tires for sale, this is one of the best. Other popular models include:

  • Lexani LX ThirtyThis high-performance SUV and luxury Crossover tire is made to withstand highspeed driving without compromising on handling or safety. It is made of stronger rubber materials for better grip and control. Its heavy-duty design makes it extremely versatile and gives heavier vehicles the ability to handle high-speed highway driving without losing traction in slippery conditions.

  • Lexani LX TwentyThe LX Twenty offers superior performance driving for luxury sedans and coupes. This design uses some of the most advanced technology in tire design for excellent handling and a longer tread-life than most models.

Lexani Trailer Tires

Lexani has rounded out their product offer with several styles of robust ST trailer tires. For example, the LXST-105 is a robust radial trailer tire with a tread compound and design that result in long lasting tread life and casing durability. This means reliable service no matter what you are hauling or how heavy the load.

Lexani tire prices are very reasonable given the quality of the products. This brand offers a wide range of models for passenger vehicles of all shapes and sizes. Take a look at the Lexani tire reviews to see what others have to say!

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