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Lexani LXST-105 Tires



Lexani LXST-105
Lexani Lexani Tires
Lexani Tires

The Lexani LXST-105 offers everything you want and need in a trailer tire! The tire is an ST tire, which means materials and design to endure the unique challenges of trailer tires. This includes higher loads, higher scrub rates in turning, and infrequent use which is actually harmful to the tire. The Lexani LXST-105 will resist the ozone damage and cracking associated with a tire that sits for long periods of time. Durable rubber compounds and a modern rib tread pattern means long wear life and good grip in both wet and dry weather conditions. This ST tire designation complies with all Department of Transportation specifications for trailers.  This means with the Lexani LXST-105 trailer tire, you can haul your prized possessions with confidence and peace of mind.

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