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Power King Tires

Power King Tires

Quality, performance, affordability in a huge range of sizes and applications is what Power King branded tires deliver. Power King tires are sourced from factories around the world, and the tires are fully certified and registered for your application and safe use in North America.

There is a Power King tire for almost any imaginable application. The selection at Tires-Easy includes specialty tires like ATV tires, golf cart, lawn & garden tires, and hard to find trailer tire sizes. We also carry a large range of bias-ply tires for trucks. Power King from Tires-Easy has you covered:

All-Terrain Vehicle (ATV) Tires

The brand has 9 different tread patterns for your ATV in all the most popular sizes. You can pick the tread pattern that most closely matches the tread pattern of the tire you are replacing, or you can pick a tire design that is a little more specialized for your main use. The tires come in both bias-ply and more high performance and longer lasting Radial ATV tire models. There is even a Power King ATV tire that is for both trail and street use. It is called the Terrarok A/T and is a radial construction with wide wrap-around lugs for improved shoulder protection and a better ride on pavement than other ATV tires. So whether you want a tire with regular knobs, dimpled knobs, staggered knobs, or a linear knob pattern, there is a Power King ATV tire to help you get the most out of your riding adventures.

Lawn & Garden Tires

Power King Tires have tires designed for Tillers, Trenchers, Wheel Barrows, Mowers, hand carts and other garden equipment. These specialty tires have attributes to make the job easier. For example, turf tires designed to distribute weight across the contact point to minimize compaction of the grass on mowers and tractors. Tiller and Trencher tires are designed to provide traction and digging power to help propel the equipment with less energy. Tires-Easy has tires in all types of sizes (as small as 4 inch rims for wheelbarrows, spreaders and hand carts) and in multiple tread patterns. It is easy to pick the right tread pattern using our tire selector. Just look for the exact size stamped on the tire you are replacing, and enter it into the tire selector. We will show you the options to make your tire purchase and replacement as simple, and "tires-easy",as possible!

Golf Cart Tires

Power King has 5 tread patterns for Golf Carts. There are saw-tooth rib patterns, straight ribs and knobby golf cart tire tread designs available in the standard 18X8.50-8 size. The BKT GF-305 and Caddiemaster in 205/50-10 are DOT Approved for Highway Use. There is no need to look further than Tires-easy for your golf cart replacement tires. Power King tires are priced competitively and readily available across the U.S and Canada.

Trailer Tires

No matter what you are hauling, with Power King, Tires-Easy has one of the largest selection of ST tires available. The manufacturer has radial ST tires at premium and value price points. There are also economical bias-ply ST tires in multiple tread patterns in all the most common trailer sizes. We even have the Power King Low Boy tire style, which has the hard to find original equipment sizes on low platform trailers.

Bias-ply Light and Medium Truck Tires

Power King has a full range of bias-ply tires. These are more economical than radial tires, and only recommended for vehicles that came originally on bias tires, and operate in the harshest applications where handling, comfort and long wear-life are of secondary concern to price. Bias-ply tires do have the benefit of high load carrying capacity. They are increasingly scarce and difficult to find, but there are still some non-trailer applications where bias-ply tire construction is practical. For heavy trucks, the brand has all position, steer and drive tires in the 10.00-20 size. As always, consult a tire expert before ever putting radial tires on rims designed for bias-ply tires. This should only be done after a thorough inspection and recommendation of an expert tire installer, particularly if the rims are old. Power King bias-ply tires of all types are priced competitively and are just a few clicks away.

With a huge assortment and affordable prices and quality that can be relied on, Power King Tires are an excellent buy. So, take a moment to browse all the different types of Power King tires available here at Tires-Easy!

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