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Bias Ply Trailer Tires

Bias ply trailer tires are designed to reduce sway, carry heavy loads and handle mild off pavement use. Bias ply trailer tires are constructed with layers of nylon textile cords placed on top of each other at 30-degree angles, providing a very stiff sidewall. The stiff sidewall is more stable on the highway than the comparable radial tire and is often preferred by customers hauling heavy loads and in off pavement use. Bias ply tires could be a suitable choice for your construction or utility trailer where you may be hauling heavy loads, shorter distances, and on and off pavement applications. Bias ply tires are often cheaper than a comparable radial trailer tire, however they typically have a shorter tread wear life. Bias ply tires can be more prone to flat spots than radial tires from sitting parked for long periods of time.

Always check your trailer’s manual or ask for the manufacturer’s recommendations as you look for replacement tires. When you are buying tires for a trailer, it’s much better to purchase a specific trailer model, as opposed to a passenger vehicle tire. Trailer tires will not only provide you with better traction, they are actually designed for a lower rolling resistance and a better grip specifically for braking. Trailer tires are also built with a stiff rubber compound for added strength and durability, which keeps the trailer more supported and less likely to sway during travel. These added safety features are worth the investment and will save you money in the long run.

We always recommend you purchase a trailer tire, rather than a passenger tire for your trailer. Passenger tires are designed to grip the road and provide traction, while trailer tires are designed to roll easily and only grip when stopping or braking. The stiffer construction of a trailer tire is far superior to a passenger tire to handle heavy loads and reduce sway.

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