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Roadmaster RM872 Tires

Roadmaster RM872
Roadmaster Roadmaster Tires
Roadmaster Tires

The RM872(EM) is the newest addition to the Roadmaster line of fuel-efficient SmartWay verified tires. This premium long haul trailer tire has been extensively tested to deliver exceptional performance along with excellent fuel efficiency.

The Roadmaster RM872 features wide outside shoulder ribs, micro-sipes on groove edges for added traction, and even stone ejector ribs in the grooves. This feature kicks out the stones that your trailer tires pick up in gravel lots, and reduces the chance of a rock getting lodged in the groove. a rock stuck in the grooves can drill down into the steel cap plies that can lead to water penetration, rusting of the steel belts, and eventual tire failure.  A premium Roadmaster tire is a good investment to avoid this common reason for casing failure.

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