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Roadmaster Tires

Roadmaster Tires

As one of North America’s leading truck tire manufacturers, Roadmaster Tires is well-known for tough, heavy duty products that are engineered for the toughest of jobs and road conditions. Roadmaster Tires are designed for maximum performance for medium and commercial sized trucks with models and sizes for Long Haul, Regional, Mixed Service Usage, as well as Pick-up and Delivery services.   

The Roadmaster Tire brand is actually owned and operated by Cooper Tires, another well-known and trusted name in the tire manufacturing industry. This partnership drives innovation and ensures that their products are made with the latest technology and cutting-edge designs for superior performance. Each Roadmaster tire is specially designed with a cool running base that lowers the rolling resistance for higher fuel efficiency, along with an advanced four-belt system for improved durability and extended tread life. Many of Roadmaster’s tires are also Smartway verified for their high energy efficiency.

You can rest assured that you are receiving the best value from a Roadmaster tire. The brand’s truck tires are some of the best on the road today and are specially engineered for specific service applications for maximum efficiency. Tires Easy makes it incredibly simple to find the best fit and make for your trucking needs at a low price. We also include Roadmaster tire reviews from real customers along with a Tire Selector sizing tool to help you find the exact tire to fit your trucking needs. You can even have Roadmaster tires shipped to your shop, work site, or tire installation service provider with Tires Easy’s immediate delivery service.

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