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Sumitomo Tires

Sumitomo Tires

The Sumitomo Tire brand is regarded as one of the most technologically advanced tire manufacturers in the world. Products are made and exported by the Sumitomo Rubber Industries Ltd. Company, located in Japan. The brand is renowned for using efficient manufacturing strategies to offer customers quality tires at an excellent value.

Sumitomo offers a wide range of tire models for an array of vehicles, including passenger cars, light trucks, SUVs and crossovers. The brand also offers specialty vehicle tires for RVs and commercial trucks. Sumitomo tire ratings prove that each of their designs offer a safe and dependable driving experience.

Sumitomo Passenger Car Tires

The passenger car tires offered by Sumitomo are known for incredibly high performances and sporty handling. This trend can be attributed to carbon based rubbers and robust asymmetric tread patterns.

  • Sumitomo HTR A/S P02 For tires that deliver sporty, responsive handling for a fun but safe drive, look no further than HTR A/S P02. This all-season model offers great grip on dry roads as well as wet, snowy, and icy ones.

  • Sumitomo HTRZ III is a tire model that offers superior traction with straight wide grooves for water propulsion and stronger grip. It also uses a 3-D wave wall and steel belts for stability, as well as high tension casing plies and advanced silica tread for a durable tire that can withstand high speeds.

  • Sumitomo Ice EdgeFor winter and snow tires, this model is a top pick for passenger vehicles because of the unique 3-D sipe technology for a better grip on packed snow or icy roads. It also comes with studdable pins for reinforced traction on cold roads.

Sumitomo Light Truck and SUV Tires

Sumitomo’s line of SUV and light truck tires are created with extra stability and a sporty performance.

  • Sumitomo Encounter HT For highway driving and a quiet ride, this tire is a great starting option. The all-weather traction provides great grip in deep water.

  • Sumitomo HTR Enhance CX is made for highway driving in all-seasons for a safe, smooth ride on both wet or dry roads.

Both the Encounter and the HTR come with unique special features that make them some of the best quality large vehicle tires on the market. Here are some of the highlights:

  • The twin reversible sidewalls stay clean for long-lasting wear and give off a “brand new” tire appearance.

  • Top of their class grip design with Sumitomo’s patented 2-in-1 shoulder blocks for even wear and long-lasting tread life.

  • Special tread rubber and polymer materials for better traction on wet roads.

Sumitomo Commercial Truck, Bus, and RV tires

Sumitomo offers top-quality tires for large road vehicles that match up to the same durability standards as their other lines. They sell road tires for line-haul rigs, regional P&D service, and waste management vehicles. For motorhomes and RVs, Sumitomo sells both 19 and 22-inch low profile tires that fit most popular models. According to reviews of Sumitomo tires, these are the most popular tire models for larger road vehicles.

  • Sumitomo ST 788 SE: This long-haul steer tire is SmartWay verified for its low rolling resistant and high fuel efficiency rating. It also features the classic de-coupling groove on the tire shoulder for even wear to promote a longer tread life.

  • Sumitomo ST 938 SE Another SmartWay verified model, this long haul drive tire has a long-lasting traction pattern for one of the lowest cost per mile rates among competitors./p>

  • Sumitomo ST 710 SE  This SmartWay verified trailer tire provides a higher fuel economy without compromising on traction or durability. Its reinforced sidewalls with shallow tread depths and durable rubber make this model ideal for high scrub turning.

Even though these tires are top of the line in terms of quality, Sumitomo tire prices are still incredibly reasonable. You can easily find the tires you need on Tires Easy. Take a look through our vast selection of sizes and models and be sure to read the Sumitomo tire reviews to help find the best option for your driving needs.

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