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Sumitomo ST948 SE Tires

Sumitomo ST948 SE
Sumitomo Sumitomo Tires
Sumitomo Tires

Sumitomo ST948 SE is an extreme long haul drive position tire made for commercial trucks.

Tire features:

  • Wide tread face increases the weight load and carrying capacity of the fleet, provide even weight distribution under heavy loads, and improve retreadability.
  • Wide tread blocks minimize tread squirm by lowering rolling resistance and promoting long and even tread wear.
  • Extra-deep 30/32nd tread and stone ejectors embedded in the grooves resist stone drilling and puncturing.
  • Micro sipes in the tread blocks enhance the traction in dry, wet, and wintry weather conditions.
  • Longitudinal and lateral grooves improve the performance by dispersing water and slush out of the tire’s tread and resist hydroplaning.

Best suited for: Commercial trucks, pick-up, and delivery trucks.

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