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Westlake Tires

Westlake Tires

Westlake tires are budget friendly options manufactured with the highest levels of technology and the latest developments to ensure each tire matches up to international standards of safety and quality.

Westlake’s standard passenger vehicle tires are specifically designed to give drivers a safe and comfortable riding experience. The passenger tire line features:

  • Non-directional tread patterns for lower rolling resistance and better handling.

  • Full depth tire grooves that expel water for a better grip on slick roads.

  • Noise reducing technology for a quieter ride.

  • Quality materials and cutting-edge design to promote a longer lasting tread.

Westlake truck tires, SUV tires, and crossover tires all include these special features, along with added reinforcements for extra strength. These tires can support heavy loads and off-road durability that won’t wear out quickly. Westlake’s All-Terrain tires and Mud Tires (M/T tires) offer excellent traction on the toughest trails, including sand, mud, dirt, and rocks.

Westlake winter tires are perfect for driving during cold and snowy weather - as they are designed for a safe smooth drive even on icy roads. These models come with special design features like:

  • A unique tread compound that remains soft and pliable in cold weather.

  • Tread block siping for biting edges that provide traction on ice and snow.

The brand also sells bias and radial trailer tires for large commercial trucks and buses. Since these tires are low-priced, they are an excellent choice for businesses that need tires for a fleet of vehicles. Westlake truck and trailer tires have a deep tread pattern to promote a longer lasting tire, making it a smart choice that provides a great value. Furthermore, these trailer tires also have beneficial design features such as:

  • Durable sidewalls that resist punctures and offer superior durability.

  • Unique tread compound designs for a longer-lasting tire.

  • Reduced rolling resistance for a boosted fuel economy.

  • Double steel belts for added strength and higher stability when towing.

At Tires-easy, we are proud to offer a large range of branded tires at a reasonable price. You can use our Tire Selector to find which models fit your vehicle and which ones have the features you need for a better driving experience.  

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