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Best Affordable Tire Brands You Can Really Trust

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Last Updated on February 22, 2024

Balancing Quality and Savings for Your Tire Needs

Your tires have a significant impact on your vehicle’s safety and capabilities. Any experienced driver knows that quality is vital when purchasing new ones. Cheap, poorly made tires are a recipe for disaster on the road.

You don’t necessarily have to spend an arm and a leg to get “good” tires. You don’t want cheap tires, but there are affordable, well-made options for the average driver.

To steer you in the right direction, we’ve compiled a list of the best affordable tire brands you can trust in various conditions. Take a look to see if there’s a budget-friendly option for your vehicle listed below.

Are Budget-Friendly Tires Safe?

Before we dive into things, we need to address the question that’s probably rattling around in your head: “Are affordable tires as safe as expensive tires?”

To some extent, tires are a product in which you get what you pay for. Purchasing used or cheaply made ones can lead to severe problems. Still, once you reach a specific price point, dozens of tires for your vehicle are equally safe (if not equal in price).

If you’re ever worried about a tire’s safety, know that you can check the Uniform Tire Quality Grading on the sidewall. This will indicate important things like temperature resistance, traction, and tread wear measurements.

Best Affordable Tire Brands

Treadwear is a comparative rating based on the wear rate of a tire tested under controlled conditions. These ratings indicate how long a tire will ideally last. The higher the rating, the longer it will take to wear down. The highest-rated tires are 600+.

Traction grades are rated with A.A., A, B, and C. These grades represent the tire’s ability to stop on wet pavement.

Grade Asphalt G Force Concrete G Force
A.A. Above 0.54 0.35
A Above 0.47 >0.35
B Above 0.38 0.26
C Less than 0.38 0.26

The temperature grades, rated from highest to lowest, go from A to B to C. These ratings represent the tire’s resistance to heat generation based on the speed. A-rated tires are designed to dissipate heat to a max speed greater than 115 mph. B-rated tires do so at a max speed of 100-115 mph. C-rated tires do so at a max speed of 85-100 mph.

So, to get back on track, the answer is, “Yes, affordable tires can be completely safe.” It’s all about doing your research and buying from trustworthy brands.

What to Look for in Affordable Tires

Regarding researching the best affordable tire brands, what do you need to look for in companies you can trust? If you’re like the average driver, you’re likely not experienced in the ins and outs of tire manufacturing – and that’s okay.

To help you out, here are some things you need to look for in reliable tires:

  • Tires that fit your vehicle (don’t assume they do!)
  • Tires that have a tread design that matches your old one. Mismatched tires can cause problems if you only replace two at a time.
  • Tires are made from hard rubber to handle higher speeds.
  • Low-noise tires that won’t bother you during highway driving.
  • Tires that work well in your environment and its temperatures.
  • Tires with good traction. The rating “A.A.” indicates excellent traction, while “C” indicates lower traction.
  • Good tread wear. You want tires that will last a long time.

The Best Affordable Tire Brands


Achilles Radial tiresFirst on our list is “Achilles Tires,” an Indonesian company that started in 1991 but officially became the brand we know and love in 2005. The company has collaborated with industry leaders to create excellent vehicle replacement tires.

Achilles Tires is known for creating high-quality tires for commercial and passenger vehicles – at affordable prices. These tires are sold in more than 80 countries around the world, so there’s a reason why so many drivers love and trust the brand.

Here’s a tidbit from an Achilles Tires review:

Car Bible Review: In terms of traction, feel, and all-around maneuverability, Achilles tires are as good as, if not better, more expensive brands. They offer up to users a refreshing and pleasant surprise considering the price.


Atturo tire logoNext is “Atturo Tires.” If you like going off-road and testing your vehicle’s capabilities outdoors, you’ve likely heard of this brand before. It’s a private tire company that’s been around for over a decade. They aim to bring high-quality SUVs and light truck tires for a fair price.

Atturo tires are not exactly cheap, but they’re surprisingly budget-friendly, considering their size and value. Next time you’re on the market for your off-roading tire, check this brand out – your car and wallet will thank you.

Here is some info from an Atturo tires review:

Tire Reviews and More: The brand’s tires offer great versatility through their expansive feature set and perform on par with higher-priced competitors. The value for money provided has been affirmed in our Atturo Tires reviews for most of its products.


Falken tire logoThis Japanese company has been around since the 1980s, so it has had plenty of time to perfect its craft. Falken tires are known around the world for their dependability and versatility. They give vehicles high-speed capabilities, but they can still be used by everyday drivers who want a big bang for their buck.

Falken is an especially great brand to shop if you’re looking for “high-performance” tires. They offer excellent all-season capabilities that will get you where you need to go, no matter the weather.

Here is a Falken tires review:

Tire Reviews and More: The brand has leveraged its participation and acquired experience in motorsports to create exceptionally high-quality tires for the average consumer. Falken tires are crafted with race car tire technologies that enable superior grip and enhanced handling.


Federal Tires Logo

Federal tires have been around for nearly seven decades. In those years, the brand has fostered a reputation based on state-of-the-art technology and a low tolerance for poor quality.

When you shop for Federal tires, you can feel confident that their safety standards are highly regulated. Each tire continuously improves, keeping you and your family safe on the road without charging a huge fee.

Check out this Federal tires review:

Tire Deets: In the enthusiast world, Federal Tire is already well-known for its high-performance tires, which are suitable for the money. The manufacturer is also well-regarded within the off-road community with its all-terrain and mud-terrain tires.


General Tires logoSince General Tires was acquired by Continental in 1987, the brand has been a trailblazer in U.S. tire production. Their tires cover a range of different terrain necessities, and General is continually working to come up with more brilliant tire options.

If you ask many people on the street for the name of an affordable, high-quality tire brand, chances are, many will say, General. That’s what the brand is known for.

Here is a General Tires review:

Icona Vulcano: General Tire is one of the best tire brands you can ask for when crafting a versatile range of models for various purposes. Not only are their models built to pass the toughest of safety tests and made with high-quality products, but they also come with a very affordable price tag.


Hankook Tires LogoAre you looking for a tire that will last many years but is still affordable? Hankook is known for manufacturing tires that provide above-average mileage at below-average prices. The best part? These tires are still well-reviewed and recommended.

Hankook tires even come with a 100K mile warranty, which means you can get new tires if anything goes wrong during that period. That’s one of the highest mileage warranties out there.

Here is a review of Hankook tires:

Top Ten Reviews: Hankook earned our pick as the brand with the best tread-mile warranties because it has the tire series with the highest estimated mileage, and the average mileage is above average. It’s also among the most affordable tire brands available, and the general performance options for the most common sizes are good enough to provide some choice in your performance.


Next on our list is Ironman, a manufacturer known for redefining “value” in tires. This brand produces high-quality tires at budget-friendly prices and has been doing so for more than six decades.

You’ll find all-season and high-performance Ironman tires that suit coupes, minivans, and sedans. They also manufacture tires for trucks, CUVs, and SUVs. Whether you’re looking to take on mud terrain or a regular highway, an Ironman tire is perfect for your budget and needs.

Take a look at this Ironman tires review:

Driving Press: Budget tires are all about the price, and Ironman tires are no exception. I talked with a bevy of tire dealers, and they were quick to say that consumers with modern cars prefer budget tires over the more expensive variety. As a car owner, I have no qualms about using cheap tires since I do most of my driving in the city. Unless you own a high-performance sedan or sports car, there is no point in spending more money on an expensive tire if a budget-friendly alternative like Ironman is within reach.


Kumho Tires logoThis high-performance tire company blends high-quality materials and design with innovative technology. That’s how it’s become one of the largest tire manufacturers in the world, even though it started as a small South Korean company.

Kumho Tires prioritizes safety and performance above all else. Even though their tires are reasonably priced, you can rest assured that they’ll keep you and your vehicle safe on the road.

Check out this Kumho tires review:

Safe Road: This brand is well-known for its summer and all-season tires. We recommend it to anyone who is looking for both diversity and performance. And don’t worry about the price. It’s been ranked within the top 5 best tire brands.


Lexani Tire logoA sub-brand of Nexen Tires, Lexani produces its tires in South Korea. They’ve entered markets worldwide, grabbing consumer attention with visually striking wheels. This might be your brand if you want an affordable tire that shows off your wheels.

Lexani tires are designed to be subtle and low-profile so that you can draw attention to your snazzy wheels. Customers who prioritize the aesthetics of their vehicles flock to Lexani to browse their matching tire and wheel selections.

Even though Lexani prioritizes looks, they still are about performance. You’ll feel safe and secure while driving on a variety of terrains.

Here is a Lexani tires review:

Auto Quarterly: All Lexani tires are designed to help keep you securely on the road at all times. They use proven tread patterns and materials known to improve road grip. You will also find that these tires have wide shoulder blocks, which are included to help enhance handling while going around tight curves, especially at high speeds. Overall, the tires have good handling, especially their performance models, where it is most important.


Mastercraft Tires LogoThis subsidiary of Cooper Tires has been making tires for over a century – so it only makes sense that they’ve perfected their craft. You can purchase Mastercraft tires for SUVs, light trucks, and passenger cars.

The brand is devoted to manufacturing premium tires for the average American consumer, which means keeping their tires economically viable for all shoppers. At the same time, Mastercraft tires are made from high-quality materials and designed to last through many weather conditions for years.

Read this Mastercraft tires review:

Tire Reviews and More: Mastercraft Tires have been tested, designed, and sold only in the U.S., making this a homegrown quality brand devoted to providing premium tires for the American consumer. The brand has developed a reputation for creating high-quality tires that strive to perform seamlessly in harsh weather conditions while providing exceptional value for money.


Milestar Tires logoIf you’re on the road every day with long commutes, “Milestar” might be the best affordable tire brand for you. This company designs tires to serve Americans who drive more now than ever.

Milestar tires offers an extensive range of vehicle and terrain tires. Find the one that meets your needs exactly, with treads that can withstand any road condition.

Take a look at this Milestar tires review:

Tire Reviews and More: The value for money provided is fantastic, making this a worthy contender in the budget-tire market. Customers are delighted when they pay less for more and when bonuses, such as warranties, alleviate lingering doubts over tire quality.


Neoterra Tires“NeoTerra” tires, or “new world” tires, were explicitly designed for drivers of passenger vehicles, light trucks, and commercial trucks in America. An incredible warranty backs each of these tires, so you can rest assured that you can believe in their quality.

Take a look at this NeoTerra tires review:

Milled Type: NeoTerra manufactures a variety of passenger and high-performance tires, as well as a great selection of truck and SUV tires. Their focus is to build well-made tires at reasonable prices. If you are looking for tires that won’t hurt your budget but still provide good performance, NeoTerra is worth looking into!


Nexen tire logoOur last brand, “Nexen,” produces tires in various styles. Whether you need all-terrain options or tires that can handle snow and ice, Nexen has a tire that will work for your vehicle.

Overall, Nexen tires have been praised for their competitive prices and versatility. It’s now ranked as one of the top ten brands to shop by the Tire Brand Report Card, which has to say something to consumers looking for an intelligent purchase.

Check out this Nexen tires review:

Tire Reviews and More: The company has differentiated itself by creating quality tires optimized to render excellent driving capabilities at significantly lower comparative prices.


As you can see, there’s no shortage of affordable tire brands that are well-reviewed and trustworthy. Hopefully, this guide has helped steer you toward the perfect manufacturer for your budget and needs.

At Tires-easy, we help customers get the best deals and discounts from major tire brands daily. If you’re on the hunt for new tires, let us know! We’ll help you find excellent prices on stellar-quality tires.


Are cheap tires safe?

Cheap tires can vary in quality, and not all may meet the same safety standards as expensive options. Researching and choosing budget tires from reputable brands with good safety ratings is essential.

Do tire brands make a difference?

Yes, tire brands can make a significant difference in quality, performance, and longevity. Established brands often invest in research and development to produce safer and more reliable tires.

Are cheap tires any good?

Some cheap tires can provide decent performance and value for money, but it depends on the specific brand and model. Reviewing your driving needs can help you find affordable tires that suit your requirements.

What are the cheapest tire brands?

The cheapest tire brand can vary depending on factors like location and availability. Brands like Goodyear, Cooper, and Falken often offer budget-friendly options, but prices can fluctuate based on promotions and discounts.

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